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How does the Game Dial work?

  • The first section is a graphical, high level category that represents the animal you are looking for. The categories are Antlered, Horned, Preditory, Prey, Upland, and Waterfowl.
  • The second section is the game type, which is the group of the specific animal you are looking for. For example, Coot, Crane, Duck, and Gallinule are all memebers of the waterfowl category.
  • The third section is the name of the animal you are actually looking for.
  • The final section is where you specify the amount of game you actually bagged.

I am looking for an animal that is not on the “Game Dial”. How can I add new game to the dial?

For convenience all the animals on the “Game Dial” are already created and categorized for you when the app is installed. If you find an animal that is missing perform the following steps:

  • First you should navigate to the Settings tab and click “Update Game List” just in case there is an update already available which includes the missing animal.
  • If there is no update available you can contact support at [email protected] and request that you missing animal be added to the dial.

Can I delete or modify locations, seasons, and firearms without deleting my hunts?

Yes. If you modify a location, season, or firearm the changes will be carried over to all of your hunts. If you delete any of these settings your hunts will still remain with the original setting.